Article: Criminal

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos 
Título: Criminal
-         What's a criminal? A person who steals, or kills, or rapes? Not only that, a criminal is who offend the society any way.. For example, can you call "criminal" a man who works for the government and receives pulic money to do something to help your city or neighborhood but he doesn't complete what was planned? I call him "criminal". Can you call "criminal" somebody who offends someone because of his skin color? What about a man who takes a tourist through far ways with his taxi just to gain more money? Wow, there're too many criminals that you can't count..
        Sometimes, even a judge can be criminal if he doesn't judge guilty a criminal. A police man can be a criminal if he hits innocent peole with his baton, or if he slaps them or kick them.
          Do you like capital punishment? Do you think it's wrong? What about abortion? Speaking of abortion, a woman who doesn't want her child has the right to do that? Nope! Unless she was raped..
         What about an idiot who beats her wife, or his girlfriend or any woman? Does he deserve being killed? Think it over.
         Well, this subject bothers me.. so I'm stopping right here.. Onto the next one.

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Anonymous disse...

I liked it.. Such a spontaneous article.. ;D

Anonymous disse...

I hope this guy writes again, I miss his funny articles..

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