Article: Drugs (No, I'm not high on drugs, believe me)

Por: Lipe (Saukerl) Angel Bastos
Título: Drugs (No, I'm not high on drugs, believe me)
-                  Lots of people think I'm on drugs because the way I act, but I'm not on drugs, I hate them. But, I believe you're on drugs everytime you read the articles I write (joke).
                Lots of idiots think I'm playing when I say - I don't smoke weed, I don't do crack, don't do coke, don't do shrooms, don't do speed, don't drink beer. And one more thing - Most of men don't have herpes, our dicks are just itching sometimes.
                Hey, I know you ever heard of "Ecstasy". Two hits of Ecstasy drains all your spinal fluid, and you only have spinal fluid once, so if someone ever offers it to you don't it cause if you do it you won't get your spinal fluid back. Ecstasy attacks every bone in your back. If you swallow an Ecstasy pill you'll start to convulse and your eyes will go back in your skull, and your back will start to look like McDonald's arches, and your back and your shoulders hunched up like you were practicing Yoga, see it's bad for you.
               Some people eat fungus to get high, gosh. Who sells fungus just pick it out, wipe it off, bag it up and addicts put it right in their mouth and chew it (Yum Yum!), then they start to see some dumb stuff and everything slows down. Sometimes they see things that aren't there. They call this fungus "magic mushroom". Their tongue gets swollen like a cow's tongue, I can't believe they chew cow's dump.

See, drugs are bad, it's a common fact. So don't you do drugs and don't read my articles cause I'm also bad for you.
Till next time (if you keep on reading my articles).

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